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Title Three

Here is some more amazingly creative filler text.

Jitnee is a GPS-driven web service for spontaneous ride-sharing. As fancy as that sounds, Jitnee is three-click simple to use. You've missed a bus? No probs! Log on, set your destination, and get all the drivers heading in your direction and passing by. You're a driver? Feeling anxious about your carbon-footprint and sky rocketing gas prices? Same gig: Log on, set your destination, and you're sure to have good company.
Why not? Jitnee is three-click simple, good for everyone, and just as reliable as you are. Drivers reduce their effective carbon footprint and get a fair share for their expenses. Riders benefit from an unscheduled service at even the least-expected locations and pay only their fair share. Drivers and riders, alike, enjoy the good company of people who share a common objective: to care for the world they live in. They're Jitnees!
Jitnee is you! Behind the scenes, though, the Jitnee service is developed by a Berlin-based network of free-thinking, privacy-loving, and environmentally-aware designers, coders and tinkerers. Nope, there's no ideology involved. We do, however, share the belief that individual traffic, as realised today, leads the world down a one-way street to dead-end's-ville. Oh yeah, we do share one more hope: that technology can help make the world a better place.